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"Marzio Dance Dj", pseudonym of Marzio Mugnaioni, was born in Florence in 1954. He began his musical career at the beginning of the 80s as a disc jockey in the "Valentinos" club, and then landed in the towing disco in Tuscany of those times: "Xenon". Just in those years he began making record productions and television and radio programs. "The Adventure" was the first single by Marzio Dance Dj and in 1982, it became the opening theme of the "Xenon" disco. The following year, together with other producers and musicians, he published the new theme song for the famous club: the song was titled "Galaxi" by "Xenon". In the mid-80s, Marzio Dance was one of the most popular disc jockeys in Italy, he decided to abandon the "Xenon" to make new experiences working in many discos scattered throughout the peninsula. In 1987, he moved to Portogruaro, in the province of Venice to work in the most important discotheque in that area: the "Luna 72". Marzio Dance, with its music and its shows, took the place off the ground. The disco then took the name "TNT", a new ballroom was created and Marzio, in collaboration with the local managers, created a television broadcast: "TNT Dimensione Musica". In 1994 there was a further change in the disco; with the new name "TNTKAMASUTRA", the place started offering Techno-House music and "Marzio Dance DJ", loved by young people, was nicknamed "The Emperor". In 2013 he was diagnosed with fulminant leukemia and died a few months later on August 10, 2013 in Scandicci (Florence).

Discography Marzio Dance DJ :

1982 - Marzio Dance DJ - The Adventure (Xenon)
1983 - Xenon - Galaxi (Xenon)
1983 - Marzio Dance DJ - Rap-O-Hush (Xenon)
1984 - Xenon - Symphony (Xenon) "Musical arranger and Coordinator"
1984 - Marzio Dance DJ - Marinero (Full Time Records)
1984 - Marzio Dance DJ - You Can Do It (Full Time Records)
1982 - Marzio Dance DJ - Adventure - Remix (Euro Disc)
1985 - Xenon - Xenon Opera (Xenon) "Coordinator"
1990 - T.N.T. featuring Marzio Dance DJ - Piano Please (Eviva Records)
1991 - T.N.T. featuring Marzio Dance DJ - Barbarians (Eviva Records)
1997 - Marzio Dance DJ - Metamorphosis (KS Progressive Planet)
2001 - Kamasutra featuring Marzio Dance DJ - Tribe Of Kamasutra (Dance Pollution)
2002 - Technoboy - Hardrive (Titanic Records) "Voice"
2002 - Kamasutra featuring Marzio Dance DJ - Are You REady For The Action? (Dance Pollution)
2003 - Kamasutra featuring Marzio Dance DJ - Rock'N Beat (Dance Pollution)
2006 - Marzio Dance DJ feat. Luca Antolini DJ - We Are (Red Alert)
2007 - Marzio Dance DJ feat. Luca Antolini DJ - Dreamers (Red Alert)
2009 - Marzio Dance DJ feat. Luca Antolini DJ - We Belong (Druck)
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