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Ciancio DJ alias Antonio Stanzani was born in Bologna. Since adolescence he became passionate about music. In the early 1980s he bought his first vinyl records by touring the many shops in Bologna. It remembers with longing the famous and historical "Nannucci", street Oberdan (opened in 1936), "La Coja Di Désc" and "La Casa Del Disco" in Indipendenza street, "Ricordi" in Ugo Bassi street and many others scattered around the city , like "Terminal Music", "Camarillo", "Borsari Sarti" ... In 1985 he bought his first Technics 1200 and began his career as deejay. For ten years he worked in various discos between Bologna and Modena and engraved 500 programs in audio tape, collecting over 5000 vinyls.
He decided to leave the nights on the premises, but he never stopped recording programs and collecting records. Thanks to this website, he decided to put his latest mixed sets at your disposal for free. Nowadays mixing is much easier, with the help of some programs, like "Virtual dj" or "Traktor", but for a deejay the greatest satisfaction stay to stand in front of a console with a Technics 1200 mixer and two dishes and use vinyls , maybe the 70's-80's. In August 2018, after many days of practice, he was able to incise the 88 minutes of the "Afro'80-Tribute to Cosmic" set, and he is satisfied with the result, also because he received many compliments from some colleagues and former colleagues dj. Ciancio DJ is married since 2002, father of two children. Over to his passion for music, he has always been an avid cinephile, a great lover of travel, of sport, especially a proud fan of Bologna FC1909 and Ferrari F1.
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