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"Firefly" was an Italian musical group created in Vicenza in 1979. The band was composed of Maurizio Sangineto, Rolando Zaniolo and Manuela Ometto. The three artists met in 1976 in the Vicenza Radio Star studio. Sangineto had his first musical experience in 1978 recording the album "Steps". This LP, all instrumental and in a limited edition, obtained a good success and was used in the RAI television theme songs. The Lombard director Giorgio Cavedon noticed it and commissioned it for the soundtrack of the film "Ombre" starring Monica Guerritore. The song he composed was an inspiration for him to found a new musical group with his friends Rolando and Manuela to which were added the three producers Maurizio Cavalieri, Alberto Cerioni and Alessandro Scandale, specialized in funky and discomusic music. The first single was titled "Do It Dancin", a song between funk, disco and soul that will lead the way for the first 1980 album. "Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side", which in the album took the title "Love And Friendship" , became a milestone of Italo-Disco and was the most successful single of "Firefly". The band released four albums but Sangineto did not take part in the latest "Double Personality" released in 1984 and recorded at Sandy Dian's Sandy's Recording Studio. Manuela Ometto was the official vocalist of the group but in some songs of the second and third album, there was the collaboration of the singers Elena Ferretti and the American Robin Clark. The "Firefly" broke up in 1985 and Maurizio Sangineto formed a new group with his friend Flavio Botta aka Bottmann: "The Armed Gang".

1980 - Firefly
1981 - My Desire
1982 - Firefly 3
1984 - Double Personality

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